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When I moved to my current place, there was a dead plant in the balcony. It was left by the previous residents and the place was vacated for four months before I moved in.
I put the plants I had there, but I did not remove that dead plant.
Someone told me that I can water it, and it might grow back. I did that for about a week.⁣
It seems silly now, but that’s what we do with more abstract things when they die.⁣

You have the memories of how great it was, though it feels lifeless now. You…

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The book continues as Donald Miller finds more about stories while working on a movie based on his best-selling memoir. He applies those ideas to tell a better story with his own life.

Looking at life as a story we all are going to tell — and using the same principals that make a good fictional story to tell a better story with our life is the main idea of this book.

A story is a character who wants something and overcomes conflict to get it.

Here are the 5 Key Ideas that I learned from reading it the first…

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We need to know what want from life.⁣
We need to be clear about it.⁣
We need to tell this to the Universe — ⁣
for it to start turning the gears in the right direction to bring that thing closer to us, or take us closer to it?⁣

We have seen others reach there, and the best we have is a partial map of their journey.⁣

Wouldn’t it be insulting to the Universe if we show and expect the Universe to take us through the exact same steps?⁣ …

Another Plan to Get Out of Bed Before It’s Too Late

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The Problem

For the last couple of months, I am having trouble starting my day.

I manage to sleep on time, and the alarm goes off after I’ve had enough sleep.

But I can’t get out of bed until it’s already too late and my phone tells me that the daily meetings have already started.

Initially, I thought it was because of where I was in life. I didn’t enjoy the work.
But it’s been three months since I moved to a project/team that I like.

What is keeping me from getting excited to start my day?

How Did I Get Out of Bed Most of My Life?

On giving some thoughts to…

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My Reading Journey and the Lost Joy of Reading

Since I left home for college — I was exposed to the world where I could read almost any book (in English) I wanted, and no amount of reading was enough.

I tried many books — spent hours in library to find the right book — borrowed many books. I could even finish some of them.

In my last year (fourth year) of college I saw a friend’s Kindle and it seemed to be the solution to all the issues I had with reading.

Within a few weeks I had my own kindle with all its convenience and cheaper books…

The Best Way to Spend the First Half an Hour of the Day

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I first learned about morning pages two or three years ago, got super excited about them, and probably tried once or twice, then forgot about it.⁣

Recently I heard Tim Ferriss talking about it in his video on “Taking Notes and Journaling” (link to the video at the end of this post). This time, I realized the value and started. I am writing every day for a week now.⁣

It takes me about 30 mins to complete 3 pages.⁣⁣
It is not exactly the very first thing I do upon waking up, but it is under the first five things, and…

Learning to Think Again

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Inspired by a post on LinkedIn asking:

why don’t we teach logical fallacies in school?

I decided to learn about them this weekend.

My first stop was:

which is a simple yet effective website to get familiar with or just to revise common fallacies.

But this was by no means sufficient, and I started looking for a book, but could not find one dedicated to logical fallacies.

Meanwhile, I found another great post with more text and funny videos:

As I refined my Google search, I stumbled upon a course/book named ‘Developing Critical Reading Skills’:

The ancient-looking website contained only…

Why Spend Some Time to Create Something?

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All of us appreciate a good piece of art — be it music, painting, calligraphy, origami, or a something else handcrafted.

At some point in time, you were so moved by the beauty of something that you decided to learn it.
But then after a few days of effort and almost no progress — you decided that maybe it was not worth the efforts.

You were not going to be a professional — then why spend your free time struggling to reach a level that is far from being even humble, instead of relaxing.

Especially in the current world —…

Not every practice makes you perfect

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What is it?

The mindful version of your good old practice.

Why should you care?

To get most out of the time and energy spent practicing.

Rather, to continue getting most out of the energy and time spent.

Speed Reading by Justin Hammond

Recently I finished The Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rohde and wanted to apply what I learned.

Speed Reading by Justin Hammond is a book I read a few months ago, and I wanted to note down my learnings from it.

1. What is speed reading, and why do we need it?

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