Starting to Write Blogs Again

2 min readMar 18, 2022


It’s been years since I started this blog post, got better response than I expected, made some good friends online, became top writer in multiple categories and then left it all.

Only occasional writings I have now is on my Instagram account. But posting a picture with a few lines about it once a month or two is not going to help me improve anything.

The goal was to get better at writing, but I recently learned that kind of motivation or goals don’t work.

Now the only goal is to make my Medium account a public notebook where I post things I learn about and find interesting. This is similar to the lines of Jeff Atwood about why he blogs:

Mostly for selfish reasons. I needed a way to keep track of software development over time — whatever I am thinking about or working on. I research things I find interesting, then document my research with a public blog post, which I can easily find and refer to later. Hopefully other people will find these posts helpful, relevant, or interesting.

What is my plan to achieve success this time? or be consistent at least. I know a few things that don’t work, on top of that list is doing it when I feel like.

Here are few more tips to achieve success in blogging:

  • Pick a schedule you can live with, and stick to it. Until you do that, none of the other advice I could give you will matter.
  • Success takes time — a lot of time. I’d say a year at minimum. That’s the element that weeds out so many impatient people.
  • Not every post was that great, but I invested a reasonable effort in each one. Every time I wrote, I got a little better at writing. Every time I wrote, I learned a little more about the topic, how to research topics effectively, where the best sources of information were.

It is easier to keep finding new things to consume these days. It might give impression that you utilized your time well and learned something from it. But it not of much use if you can’t apply it in life or find it when you need to apply in life.

Ending this post with a promise to myself to find 30 mins every day before 11pm to post a blog every day.