Why I Love Vlogs

I have been watching videos on YouTube for about six to seven years now, and it has been less than a year since I got introduced to Vlogs.

For those of you who are not sure what a vlog is: It is a video blog (video + blog). The content can vary over a wide range of topics, just like there are blogs about daily life, travel, fashion, technology, education and so on.

However, while blogs have only text and images to communicate the ideas, vlogs can (and do in most cases) use video and audio clips.

Before I found vlogs, the only videos worth watching were shot with the help of a fairly large team of people, shot with expensive equipment, in a location that would make most people jealous.

Vlogs are shot by one or two people, in locations accessible to most of us. The people starring in vlogs are similar to us, living in more or less similar conditions. Which is a pleasant contrast from Hollywood celebrities.

In most vlogs I have watched, we are not shown a story that most people can not relate to. But it shows the life of people living a bit more adventurous life, that is not extremely out of our reach.

I saw some of these positive impacts in my life after watching vlogs:

  • I started to see the daily regular activities from a cinematic angle
  • I got motivated to stop being lazy and try things out, as I watched how much fun I can have if I just sleep on time and wake up early on a weekend
  • I used to judge people taking selfies or clicking pictures in general, now I understand and appreciate their view
  • I got some of the greatest stories and life-lessons from the life stories shared by vloggers
  • Many vloggers also work at a full-time job or business that is not vlogging. Recording a video and editing it before publishing is more time and effort consuming than writing a blog post, this motivated me to stop crying after a working day and find some time to write down my thoughts on Medium more frequently

I started watching vlogs as I was searching videos about riding motorcycles, hence three out of four vloggers I follow are partially moto-vloggers.

The vloggers I follow:

Apart from Casey, all of them vlog mostly in Hindi.

This brings me to the end of this post. Please let me know your experience with vlogs and your favorite vloggers.



Pseudonym; https://www.instagram.com/alternativedoubt/

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