When you finally get rid of the things you dislike …..

As a child and a teenager, I grew up in places where we had moderately extreme weather conditions and with less than middle-class resources to survive those.

In summers, it was impossible to step out in the afternoon due to heat waves which used to literally kill a certain number of people every week.

In winters, getting out of the bed and brushing your teeth was the most challenging part with nights full of silence with only the sound of trains, that was supposed to break but somehow made the silence more intense.

The rainy season was the one that made me realize our lack of resources. With half of my house had no roof to keep us from getting wet, moving from one room to the other or going to the bathroom required use of an umbrella. We were left with limited options of what to do when the power used to go off due to rain (power cut was as natural as clouds with rain to us). Having a dinner was a challenging task in a room lit with flashlights and candles, trying to keep the flying-rain-insects out of our plates.

Now I have moved to a city where weather change is hardly noticed when you are outside at certain times and can get wet in the rain only if you want to or accidentally once or twice in the year.

But as I looked at today’s date a few minutes before I decided to write this post, I did not feel anything like it was December.

This is not unique to me and is worldwide:

As a kid in school and then in college, I hated the stress caused by exams and had a natural dislike for the months I had exams and special like for the months when we had vacations.

Now I have grown up and I am working at a job for almost two and a half years.

I can not mark periods as I look back to those two and a half years as I could mark every semester and year when I was a student.

I am not being ungrateful for what I have achieved nor do I wish to go back to the struggles of my childhood.

The idea is that once you are through certain situations you do not find them as bad given that you have grown out of those and have reached a better place.



Pseudonym; https://www.instagram.com/alternativedoubt/

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