Visiting the High School Literature Books Again

For at least a few months I am getting these dreams (nightmares) that left me with a feeling of worry and trouble. The basic theme is this: I am in my high school and about two to three days before the final exams start (10th or 12th board for Indian readers or if someone can relate) and I have studied all the subjects except I forgot about literature courses ( Hindi and English language literature).

The next realization in the dream is that since I did not consider them to be tough enough, I never saw the books and not sure if I even have the books for those courses.

Right after this or a few moments in that troubled situation, I wake up.

I am not sure about the meaning of such dreams and never bothered to look up what it could mean. Mostly because I am not sure if I trust in meaning of dreams or because this is not a generic theme, like seeing an animal or something, that I can find explanation easily (never tried though).

To give some context of my present situation, It has been 7.5 years since I had to study literature for my school exams, 2.5 years since I wrote an exam.

I am working as a software developer for 2.5 years.

However the feeling that having literature courses was a nice thing in life does come to my mind once in a while.

Having only a few books with stories and articles curated by people after some consideration and spending about an year focusing only on those books (was not an out-of-the-syllabus-literature-reader in my school days) was a nice time, compared to the current time when I have hundreds of books in my Goodread ‘want to read’ section and about 25 hard copies of books I want to read and I dare not see how many e-books I have.

Had the same dream last night and I have decided to do something about it.

The books of the same standard have changed (syllabus updated) and the digital copies are now provided by the government for free.

I am not sure if I will enjoy the same way but I will give a try on the next lazy weekend I get.

Apart from that, I have started practicing my reading comprehension on

This post was initially supposed to be a review of the site, but will save that idea for later when I have more experience and results to share.

I will be writing a post about how was my experience with the high-school literature course books.