Sunday Evening Blues

There is something about Evenings that has always made me feel gloomy.

The reduced sunlight and the strange period where you are unsure whether to turn-on the lights or wait until it gets darker.

The sudden increase in traffic noise.

The sounds of birds coming back to their nests.

The natural reminder that the day has ended.

All of this takes some time to adjust, especially after a lazy noon.

There is a beautiful sadness about this time of the day.

On most weekdays I am busy or get serious about my work around evening, so do not pay attention to that feeling. On Sunday Evenings like the one, when I am writing this post and do not have anything to distract or amuse me, the feeling amplifies.

Another much awaited weekend has almost passed and the room is at least as messed as it was on Friday evening.

The plans remained unexecuted, the to-do list unchecked.

We overestimated what we could do when we had to rest, and party, and get our life together, and everything else we are too busy to do on weekdays.

As there is no sunlight left in the sky and birds have reached home and I got adjusted to the noises outside and the artificial light in my room, I try to cheer myself up thinking about what I will order for dinner and prepare to go to the gym to get a surge in feel-good hormones and hoping I’ll be too tired to think about all this after a workout.




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