Stop Trying to Micromanage The Universe

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

We need to know what want from life.⁣
We need to be clear about it.⁣
We need to tell this to the Universe — ⁣
for it to start turning the gears in the right direction to bring that thing closer to us, or take us closer to it?⁣

We have seen others reach there, and the best we have is a partial map of their journey.⁣

Wouldn’t it be insulting to the Universe if we show and expect the Universe to take us through the exact same steps?⁣

We don’t like when our boss, parents or teachers do that.⁣

As the Universe takes us to the desired destination, on the way we will find places, things, people, memories, and experiences that we think are absolutely necessary. ⁣
There will be times when some of these are just a few steps away and the Universe decides that we need to take a sharp right turn.⁣

These times will be hard if we have our heads buried in the map that we think we should be following.⁣
We’ll feel that we are lost and we’ll never make it to the destination — because we have missed an exit or took a wrong turn. And that the Universe has forsaken us. ⁣
But it’s just us thinking there is only one way to reach there and are confusing a milestone for the destination.⁣

At such times, we can keep the destination in mind and continue in the new direction — or we can take things into our hands and put all the struggle to get that “must have” thing.⁣

But do we always know what’s best for us? ⁣
We may find out it wasn’t worth it.

So what do we do?⁣
Just tell the Universe — write down on a paper what we want and go to sleep? Hoping to wake up when we reach there?⁣

Of course not.⁣

We still need to put all the honest efforts we can into moving in the direction we are given.⁣
But also keep in mind that there are countless factors involved in making us reach there, and we can’t even know — much less control most of them.⁣

Having this trust in the ways of the Universe will keep us from worrying too much about how smaller things in the path — the interview, exam, date, or meeting — will turn out. ⁣And it will keep us from feeling devastated when things don’t turn out the way we expected.

And it will free our mind to enjoy the journey a bit more :)


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