This mind-map is inspired by the video I watched on YouTube:

Key points covered:

  • Growth and Fixed mindsets are spectacles. We wear different spectacles to view different areas of life. For instance: you may believe that you can improve in Mathematics by practice but think that your physical growth is completely and solely dependent on your genetics and exercising won’t help much.
  • To develop the growth mindset we need to value learning over failure and growth over stagnation.
  • Should see journey as a teacher and should not relate failure to who we are as a person.

How to develop Growth mindset?

  1. Take advice from people who are at higher level in the field to learn their process.
  2. Realize that your brain is not fixed and can change with efforts no matter what area (Math or Literature or anything) or what age.
  3. Process is more important than Result. Instead of seeing process to result as linear journey, realize that it’s a loop where each can be used to improve the other over multiple revisions and time.

4. Keep a journal to track your progress in this loop, to record how your process is evolving over time based on feedback (as result) and how your results are improving with changes in your process.