MindMap #2: How To Read A Book

2 min readDec 8, 2018

First point that came to me right after putting this beautiful image is that we should not romantisize about the perfect conditions to read a book. I will try to get and post a picture of my desk after a reading session.

As promised in the title, here is the mind map:

Some important points not covered in the mind-map or found after seeing it four to five times:

  • Should try to give equal amount of time to before, while and after parts of reading a book.
  • For most of us, the before and after parts are missing or are given very limited attention.
  • Should not be afraid to mark the books and should not shy away from using the highlight and add notes features of your e-reader.

I will be using the methods explained here and publish reviews.

Here is the list of books I am planning to complete by the end of next month:


This is the second post in my MindMap series.

Please let me know what are the improvements required in drawing the mind-maps and tools I can use to improve the quality.