Medium Removed Recent Stories Section Under Tags

Screenshot I took, with the missing ‘recent stories’ section

Recently I got kicked out of the group of top writers under ‘reading’ tag. Thanks to my inactivity for over two weeks.

Today I got time to get back to binge reading my favorite writers here, and somehow I found multiple tabs in my browser for different tags. After opening all the related tags I found interesing, I wanted to see how frequently people are posting under those tags.

Earlier I used to go to the ‘recent stories’ section and see stories published in a day.

But I couldn’t find that section now.

I went to all the tags open in my browser and this section was nowhere.

I missed the section, but then I started thinking if there was a geniune use of that section.

The remaining sections Top-Writers, Top-Stories, and Archieve make sense. But why would someone want to see who all posted recently under a tag.

It could help someone to see how popular a tag is on Medium, but now there are better ways to do it. For instance:

Bonus Pro-tip: not-so-popular tags do not have top writers section.

Unless you wanted to play the ‘I follow you, you follow me’ game and wanted it to play with recently active people to get faster results, or wanted to get anxious about how many people are writing under a tag while you are just stalking them — there was no constructive use of that section.

This brings me to this good-bye post for ‘recent stories’ section.

I am happy to see a not-so-useful feature getting removed, and hope to see some useful features added soon.

Thanks for reading. If you liked this post, or if you miss the recent stories section, feel free to clap.


Thanks White Feather for showing why the latest stories section was important:

Thanks Valerie Kittell for letting us know that there is still a way to read latest posts, an extremely hidden and tedious one though. But if you do want the freedom to choose what you want to read you will need to put the efforts:




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