Life lessons learned at gym

2 min readDec 1, 2018

This post is inspired by one of the quotes I read and can not recall exactly that goes something like ‘train your body as you train your mind, train your mind as you train your body’.

Most of the people I see around are biased towards one of the two.

  1. I see people training and using their brain but not caring and being blind to their unhealthy eating habits and warning signs from their body.
  2. On the other hand, there are people who are regular to gym and careful about their diet but using their brain to minimum required level to continue getting their job done.

I personally feel like I fall in the second group and also found myself multiple times recently thinking of joining the first group.

To improve the quality of life in long terms being in either one of the group is dangerous.

Recently I started going to the gym (two weeks at the time of writing this post) and two parts of my life seemed very comparable.

I will be putting my ideas using diagrams:

How physical and mental efforts share similar goals and immediate results

Some methods of recovery like sleep are exactly common for both the cases.

However what we consume to recover again falls into parallel categories of two types:

Healthy and unhealthy means of recovery

That’s it.

I am not going to share any tips to choose the healthy options and reasons why we end up selecting unhealthy ones.

It was quit eye opening for me and wanted to share that how we are aware of doing the right thing in one field while find it quit normal to do the wrong thing to ourselves in other field.

Watching funny shows or surfing through some memes once in a while is not hazardous, the same way eating a pizza or dessert once in a month is not going to make you lose all your muscles and suddenly increase your body fat percentage.

But the real danger starts when we start thinking that the unhealthy recovery is our rewards for working hard.

When this happens not only are we nullifying all our efforts but also missing out the additional benefits of choosing healthy options of recovery.

For instance:

  • The content feeling you get after choosing salad over a burger and fries.
  • The physical benefit of going for a short walk around the house instead of watching random video as a break from work.