Everyday Writing Challenge for April 2019

To improve the quantity and quality of my writing

2 min readApr 14, 2019


I started writing in December last year (2018) and published 21 stories that month. Then around 14 in January, and then struggled to post 10 stories per month in February and March.

I promised myself to publish at least 20 in April. But it’s already mid-April and I have posted only 3 stories.

To reach my target, I’ll need to post one story every day.

Starting today, I will be posting at least one story each day for the remaining of this month.

How will I get the ideas? What will I write about? Am I putting quantity over quality here?

I already have about 5 to 10 ideas somewhere in my Google Keep notes, waiting to be converted into a post.

I can post about anything! And I hope I will get at least one thought or idea that I can write about in an entire day. I will have to be more aware of the thoughts though.

I don’t think I need to worry about quantity when I am not writing even 100 words per day. It is more about building a habit to write every day.

There are better chances that I will try to improve the quality of my writing if I am writing more often.

Why starting this challenge in the middle of the month?

Because waiting for the exact start of the month is risky, I might get busy and get late by a day or two and the decision will be postponed to the next month.