Cold Pizza, Leftover Wine, and a Slice of Homemade Cake

Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

He already had dinner, but it was not a pizza that he had. He had been craving for a pizza for a few days now.
He saw the half-empty bottle of wine that he had to consume because it was not something he would pack with the stuff to be shifted to the new house.

By the time the wine was chilled, the pizza delivery guy arrived. He had also ordered a slice of homemade cake.

Holding the pizza and his dessert, he saw at the house as it looked without the stuff he had bought to make it home.

The room felt like a friend who had grown with him for the past two years and suddenly went back in time to restore itself, to get rid of all the memories of their time together.

He looked at the phone, flooding with notifications and congratulations on the arrival of his food on time.

He searched for a message from his girlfriend. She was out with her friends.
23 years ago she was born roughly around this time. Her friends had to make sure to do everything possible to keep birthday blues away from her.

The loneliness in the room was too much to enjoy the little farewell party he had thrown for himself. He played a video on YouTube to destroy the silence and to keep himself from looking at the empty room.

The wine was bitter, but he had the home-made cake, prepared in a restaurant kitchen, to counter it.
The pizza had chunks of chicken and jalapeno stuck in the layer of cheese spread over the base.

The food was not something he enjoyed, but good enough to shove down his emotions.

The food and the wine worked, and he was sleepy.
He succeeded in setting the alarm for 11.55 PM before dozing off.

The alarm went off and he woke up feeling sick, tired, and annoyed. But he was not sad.
He sent the happy birthday text at exact 12:00.
He should call her and wish, but she is with her friends. The friends who never liked or approved of him.

Waiting for her to read the message and reply, he lost consciousness and continued his search for a dream.




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