Book Review: The Miracle Morning

The copy of the book that I own

I don’t sleep till late afternoon, but still, I consider myself the exact opposite of a morning person.

I don’t remember a period in my life when I deliberately woke up before 8 AM. The only times I did, I had to and I hated it.

Even my parents always supported me sleeping till 8 AM, they even took the alarm clock to a different room if it rang before that and they didn’t know how to turn it off!

In college and later working at the job, living without anyone to monitor my sleeping pattern, I made full use of the freedom and turned into a night owl who can easily stay up till 2 AM. This never seemed to bother me, I even found some articles and memes that said night-owls are smarter than early-birds.

Only recently, I started to think about being a morning person, hoping for it to drastically change my life.

Like most of us, I needed someone to tell me how to wake up.

When I was bored with online articles, I came across the 5 AM club book by Robin Sharma. After a few pages, I truly hated it. I think it is the book I hate the most(I will write a review of it, full of hate, if a single person asks for it in the comments).

It helped me wake up on time, as I decided to read five pages of it if I wake up late.

After a few days, I was back to my routine of waking up around 9.30 AM.

Then on this weekend, without any high hope, I decided to pick a small book that promised to do miracles before 8 AM.

It started with too many promises and claims to change my life, I had to skip through that part.

From the second chapter, I started finding some nice and practical ideas.

The book was not a lot, and I completed it in two days — convinced to give the methods a try.

The reason we don’t wake up on time is that we don’t like it. It is uncomfortable and we don’t have anything to get us out of bed all excited in our mediocre lives.

Everything I read about waking up on time, tried to fix the symptom ie waking up late.

But this is the first time I saw someone attack and attempt to fix the cause.

Even if we force ourselves to wake up on time, we don’t have anything to do. We move around the house lazily and find it a waste of time — that could better be utilized by sleeping.

The book gives you a plan for the first hour of waking up. And it is exciting enough to make you get out of the bed early to start executing it as early in the day as possible.

I respect a self-improvement book only if it gives some practical advice. And this book has a practical plan, that can be customized to fit most lifestyles.

It is a short book with about 150 pages and worth a read if you want to find some practical ways to make the most of your mornings.

Did it do the miracle for me?

Enough praising the book, did I get any miraculous results from it?

The answer is: it is too early to say.

I have completed only two days out of thirty days. I will post my results if I get positive ones.

There is also a version of this book for writers, that is the next book I’ll read the next time I want a change from my regular reading.

Thanks for reading.

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