Appreciating the Minimal Editor Provided by Medium

1 min readDec 5, 2018

I am not sure if the membership provides an upgraded editor also, but the first thing I noticed as I started writing my first post was that how limited option Medium provides in the editor.

It does not even have an option to resize the images.

Here are few thoughts about the positive side of this, that I have started noticing after writing 4–5 posts.

  • The minimal design lets you focus more on content than on how to make it look good.
  • Contradicting to the first point, you need to put more thoughts on how to make your content look appealing with the limited options you have been provided.
  • I have started appreciating and noticing the way other articles are using the options provided and have started trying those to improve the looks of my content.

The main idea being: having limited options made me focus on and given the chance to master the ones that I have.

This is one of the factors missing in most fields of life resulting in us spending too much time worrying about selecting and exploring the best option available and not really appreciating the available ones.