Addicted to PUBG ??

But Why ??

I do not think I need to tell here what is PUBG.

I have only played the mobile version of it. Before I played it, I was not even interested in what it was.

Now it has become an addiction and I am even addicted to watching people streaming the gameplay on YouTube.

I have only played it on my phone, so I will be talking about PUBG Mobile.

The two options we have when faced with our addiction:

This is not new to anyone.

And it is great that I at least acknowledge that I am addicted to a game.

Still many of us who are addicted to this game have uninstalled it (out of regret) many times only to install it back and play as soon as we feel bored, watch someone play it or even hear someone talk about it.

Here is the spectrum of PUBG addiction I drew:

Most of us keep oscillating from ‘uninstalled from phone’ to ‘the red flag zone’.

I have even witnessed the rare people exactly in the safe zone or who just play it for half an hour.

Apart from PUBG I am addicted to other things as well. Sweets, chocolates, fried food, and sitcoms to name some of those.

I am not addicted to smoking, alcohol, and porn.

I won’t add harder drugs to this list because I have never been exposed to.

I do have a few drinks with friends once in while or some wine with my food.

But still, I am not addicted to alcohol.

I am not going to share the tricks and methods to get rid of PUBG addiction, but it is not something wrong with the game. The same way there is nothing wrong with Alcohol or Cigarettes. Sure both are addictive to some extent, but it is upon us to take it to the extent and have control over us that it becomes an addiction and starts ruining our lives.

We do not need to uninstall the game or completely stop playing it to get rid of the addiction, but to see inside ourselves that why are we letting a game take over our life.


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